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Home Security Simplified

Imagine a home that’s protected from burglars, fires and everyday threats. Imagine being able to control your lights, doors and more with the tap of a button on your phone. Now imagine doing all this without breaking the bank.

With Transformed Media you can have it all! Call us today for a free consultation at (636) 542-8355 or email us at

Intrusion Detection

Using both cameras and outdoor lighting, we are able to detect the threats before they happen. We can set up motion alerts for your smart phone right on-demand!

Intrusion Prevention

To prevent the threats that we miss, such as a break in or burglary we have motion detectors, contacts, and glass breaks setup throughout your home. The authorities are notified immediately if there’s any sign from these devices so they can get on scene quickly and minimize exposure time for both you and your family

Home Automation

The perfect security system is one that you can control from anywhere with an smart phone. With cameras and security systems, we will install gadgets all over your house so nothing goes unnoticed! Once everything has been set up we want to make sure our customers’ homes are fully integrated into their smartphones by tying in smart home features such as lighting, locks, and thermostats which they’ll use like any other app on there phone


Security Services & Solutions

Through the expertise we have at Transformed Media, our team will arrive to your home with a customized system in mind. We’re not just going for one size fits all; instead, through customer consultations and customizations based on what you need most from us – be it security or ease-of-use–you’ll get an awesome product that suits both needs!


Free Tools & Resources

We understand that not everyone can afford an installation at this time but we do not want that to stop the mission of making security a priority for every home. Our team has your budget in mind and if they don’t have something available on their own, Follow us online where free tips are given regularly!


Proactively Eliminate Vulnerabilities 

One of the most important tasks we can do for you is to make sure that your systems are always protected and on alert. We offer an array or monitoring options so no matter what system, be it a computer network device like routers or firewalls; physical access points such as door locks – if something happens in any one area then there’s potential danger throughout all areas because they rely heavily upon each other

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